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Explore the less visited national parks with us! Why don't we take you to the north? Because we want to put the other parks in the spotlight. They are less crowded but not less spectacular! Isn't it nicer to spot wildlife without numerous other safari cars around you? We believe so! Feel alone in the bush while watching a great variety of wildlife in our selection of national parks!

Have a look at our selection of national parks away from the mass tourism!

Image by Djurdjica Boskovic


The most popular destination in the south. Its popularity comes from its ideal location for a short safari getaway! You can easily spot a huge variety of wildlife on a gamedrive here. Lions are regularly spotted here as well as the big mammals. You'll always find yourself lucky here!

About 5hrs driving from the big city Dar es Salaam, close to other must-sees and halfway to Iringa. It's a popular destination for people living in the big city and some Zanzibar tourists wanting to do a short safari. 



The newest and biggest national park of Tanzania, also known as Selous. This park offers a unique experience and is truly unforgettable. Enjoy a boat safari on the lush Rufiji river and spot hundreds of hippos, crocodiles, birds and other animals coming for a drink. Combine with a gamedrive to get the full experience!

About 5hrs driving from the big city Dar es Salaam and located in the south of the country. The ideal location to explore more of the hidden gems in the south-east of the country.

MIKUMI (121 of 183)_edited_edited.jpg


One of the biggest national parks in Tanzania and a true hidden gem! The park is home to an enormous amount of elephants as well as the well-loved predators and more rare species such as wild dogs. The perfect destination for the best safari experience in the country! 

Located in the middle of the country and surrounded by plenty of other amazing destinations. You might have some long travel days ahead but it's definitely worth it. It's off the main tourist track so you'll feel alone in the bush!

black hippopotamus_edited.jpg


One of the smallest parks in the county, but the only park bordering the coast. The unique location offers a combination of beach relaxation and wildlife spotting. The amount of wildlife is not that big, but the whole experience of the beach and bush combination makes it a great destination! You can even experience some wildlife from a boatsafari. 

Located just about 3,5hrs from Dar es Salaam and very close to other must-sees. Perfect if you just want to get a little taste of the safari experience. You won't see many other tourists here, so enjoy the park all by yourself!



The national park with probably the most dramatic backdrop. Located on the foot of the Usambara mountains and near to Mount Kilimanjaro, it offers spectacular views. This is not your average National Park as it is mostly famous for its black rhino conservation programme. An electric fenced area of 1,000-square km has been made to protect the rhinos from poachers and it offers tourists a chance to see them from up-close. There is a variety of wildlife to spot here. Not in the big numbers as the other parks, but if seeing a black rhino is high on your list, this is a good destination for you! 

It's located in the north-east of the country and best combined with a stay in the beautiful Usambara mountains. 



Probably the most remote park in Tanzania and a true dream destination for all wildlife lovers. It hosts untouched nature and huge amounts of wildlife. Those who invest and commit to the trip will be rewarded with unforgettable wildlife sights. You will most definitely be outnumbered by lions here and spot huge groups of  elephants, giraffes, zebras, hippos and buffaloes. You can even see groups of thousands of buffaloes grazing together!

Located in the southwest of the country and pretty much inaccessible by jeep, an adventure awaits you! You'll have to take a small airplane to get there and there aren't many accommodation options so it does get quite expensive. For those who have the budget will not be disappointed!

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