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Down by the beach or high up in the mountains? You can have both! Besides the famous Kilimanjaro, Tanzania has many less visited mountain ranges who offer lots of good.

Have a look at our selection of mountains away from the mass tourism and explore lush rain forests, amazing view points, hidden waterfalls and much more!



The Usambara Mountains is a mountain range in north-eastern Tanzania. It is filled with untouched tropical rainforests and little villages. You can explore here for days in a row without getting bored. Walk up to one of the breathtaking viewpoints or go into the raiforest to explore some of the waterfalls.



Udzungwa Mountains National Park is a protected mountain range with lots of untouched nature to explore. Take a hike to the Sanje waterfalls or explore the dense rainforest even further. It is home to many primates including some very rare species and lots of other small animals.

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