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Selous Game Reserve

Nyerere National Park (also known as Selous) is the newest national park in Tanzania and a unique safari destination. The park was part of Selous Game Reserve but a part of it has recently obtained the national park status. The landscape is a mix of plains, forest and lush riverbeds. A little more forested than the other southern parks, but the landscape is truly breathtaking. The great Rufiji River flows through the park and is very important for the animals living there. You will find hundreds of hippos and crocodiles inside the river and many more mammals, predators and hundreds of different bird species around the river.

Nyerere National Park is the best destination for people who want a full safari experience. Besides high quality gamedrives, you can go on an unforgettable boat safari or go and explore the park up-close on a walking safari with an armed ranger. You can sleep in one of the many camps on the riverbank and fall asleep with the sound of the hippos.


Nyerere National Park is home to the largest family of the rare wild dogs in the world, which are high on every safari-lover’s must-see list. Bird lovers won’t be disappointed here as Nyerere National Park hosts over 400 different kinds of birds.

Often spotted in Nyerere National Park:

  • Lion

  • Giraffe

  • Buffalo

  • Impala

  • Hippo

  • Elephant

  • Crocodile

  • Hyena

  • Wildebeest

  • Zebra

  • Kudu

  • Hundreds of different kind of birds

  • Leopard

  • Wild dogs

  • Many more small animals


Nyerere National Park is at about 5hrs driving south from Dar es Salaam. This makes it the ideal destination for those wanting to do a short safari!

Nyerere National Park is a little bit further from other destinations, but the one destination which is fairly close to it which we would highly recommend is Kilwa. Find more info on Kilwa at our “Historical Destinations”. Nyerere National Park is easily reached from Dar-es-Salaam or Zanzibar. Flights can be easily found if wanting to combine a Nyerere National Park safari with a beach stay in Zanzibar.

Dar es Salaam to Nyerere National Park: about 5hrs driving

Nyerere National Park to Mikumi National Park: a full day of driving

Nyerere National Park to Kilwa Masoko: about 5hrs driving


The best time to go on a safari in Nyerere National Park is from June to October as temperatures don’t get too high and it is dry.

Between November and March, the temperature rises and rains can sometimes occur. These rains are mostly during the night, so it doesn't influence your safari too much. These months are also an excellent time for a safari!

Avoid rainy season which starts sometime in March and ends in May. We highly discourage visiting during rainy season as part of the park becomes inaccessible due to the rising water levels in the river. Many animals migrate deep into the park or to the neighbouring Mikumi National Park as it is a little higher.

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