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Mkomazi National Park is one of the only parks in Tanzania where you can see the black rhino. It is not your usual park as it are known for its black rhino conservation and rehabilitation programme. The park has a 30-square km sanctuary where the black rhinos are kept and there is another sanctuary for wild dogs. These sanctuaries are fenced and used for rehabilitation programmes. They are big enough for the animals to not feel captured and provide excellent chances for visitors to see the black rhino up-close. Mkomazi National Park is not visited by many tourists, so you will definitely feel or even be alone here!

Gameviewing is not as great as in the other parks in the country, but it is a great addition to your Tanzania holiday! Mkomazi National Park is still developing and growing into another great national park with a big variety of wildlife. It has lots of potential and will definitely become more popular in the future.


Mkomazi National Park is most famous for its black rhino rehabilitation programme and therefore offers excellent rhino-sighting as one of the only parks in the country.

Spotted in Mkomazi National Park:

  • Giraffe

  • Elephant

  • Lion

  • Leopard

  • Cheetah

  • Buffalo

  • Silver Backed Jackal

  • Zebra

  • Gerenuk

  • Lesser kudu

  • Fringe-eared oryx

  • More than 450 species of birds

  • Many other small animals


Mkomazi National Park is located at the foot of the Usambara Mountains and is best visited from there. It borders with the Kenyan Tsavo National Park, which is one of the most famous national parks in Kenya. The national park is about 190kms from Arusha and about 200kms from Tanga City. It is a great addition to a stay in the Usambara mountains and it can be fitted in many itineraries! It is surrounded by interesting destinations, so don’t hesitate to add a Mkomazi safari to your holiday.

Dar es Salaam to Mkomazi National Park: about 8hrs of driving

Kilimanjaro International airport to Mkomazi National Park: about 3hrs of driving

Mambo Viewpoint (Usambara Mountains) to Mkomazi: 1,5hrs of driving


The best time to go on a safari in Mkomazi National Park is from June to October as temperatures don’t get too high, the vegetation is low and it is dry. ​

Between November and March, the temperature rises and rains can sometimes occur. These rains are mostly during the night, so it doesn't influence your safari too much. These months are also an excellent time for a safari!

Rainy season starts sometime in March and ends in May. The roads become muddy and difficult to navigate. It is not an ideal time to go, but safaris can be organised.

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