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So many historical sites to visit. From stone age sites to old slave markets and arabic influenced architecture, Tanzania has it all!

Have a look at our selection of historical sites away from the mass tourism!



Kilwa Kisiwani is a small island about 300km south of Dar es Salaam. Here you can visit ruins of the old port city which are a Unesco World Heritage site and enjoy the gorgeous beaches. You won't find many tourists here, so go and explore the coastal life! The snorkeling is excellent here and can be done at just footsteps off the beach.

Located at about 5,5hrs driving south from

Dar es Salaam and a real hidden gem! Head over here for an affordable beach stay. 

stone town.jpg


Stone Town is a historical town on the Island of Zanzibar. It consists of many small alleys, shops, bars and mosques. The Arabic influenced architecture makes this town very charming and unlike anything you’ve seen before. The town is full of culture, history and beauty and is a must-visit when you plan a trip to Zanzibar!

Located in Zanzibar City, it is never more than 10minutes away from your entry point in Zanzibar. Take the ferry from Dar es Salaam to Stone Town or take the airplane to Zanzibar City.



Bagamoyo is a small charming fishing town with a rich history in the slave trade and has a cool vibe. The old town is similar to Stone Town, but without all the tourists. Explore some of the hidden bars in the old Swahili buildings, explore the old ruins, visit the arts market and enjoy the local coastal life.

Located at about 1,5-2hrs driving from Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo is a great addition to your holiday! Visit as a daytrip during your stay in the big city or stay a night or two in one of the charming hotels.

Ismilla stone age site.jpg


Ismilla Stone Age Site is a unique and interesting archeological site. Many of Tanzanias archeological sites have been important in discovering more about the origin of mankind.  

Located at about 40 minutes driving from Iringa, Ismilla Stone Age Site is a great addition to your visit to Iringa! Visit as a short excursion during your stay in the city or pass through here before or after your Ruaha safari!

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