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from $303 per person

This short trip is perfect for those who want to combine wildlife watching with a good dose of adventure! Mikumi is only about a 6 hours drive from the big city, Dar es Salaam, and has a great variety of wildlife. Udzungwa National Park is a tropical rainforest on the mountains and is the perfect destination for beautiful nature hikes to add to your safari. Hike to the waterfalls and explore the many reptiles and monkeys that call the park their home.



Between 6-8 AM, you will be picked up at your accommodation in the city. You'll start your journey to Mikumi National Park, which will take about 5-6 hours. If you haven't had breakfast yet, you can stop on the way to pick up some local breakfast snacks.

Between 12-14 PM, you will arrive at Mikumi National Park. You'll have a hot lunch in the park or can opt for a lunch box so you can eat on the way and have some more time for gamedriving. Make sure to tell us which you prefer! After lunch, your gamedrive will start. Around 5:30PM, you'll start your journey back to the lodge.

Around 6PM, you will arrive at your accommodation where you can enjoy the facilities, eat some delicious food and get some rest to prepare yourself for another day full of adventure!

If you wish to end your gamedrive a little earlier to enjoy the lodge's facilities, that's possible! You decide yourself when you will start and end your safari.


Rise and shine!

Between 6-10 AM, you'll make your way to Udzungwa Mountains National Park. Here you will start your hike to the Sanje waterfalls through the tropical rainforest in the mountains. You can spot different kinds of monkeys, reptiles and plants on the way, so take your time and enjoy the surroundings.

Between 12-14 PM, you will have a picknick at the waterfalls or another idyllic setting in the forest. Take a refreshing dive in the waterfalls when you are there, the cold dip will give you plenty of energy to finish the hike.

After the hike you'll start your journey back to the lodge where you can get some rest after a busy day!

If you wish to end your hike a little earlier to do an extra activity in the Udzungwa Mountains area, that's possible! You can enjoy a full day full of adventure in the park, so no need to rush. Take your hiking shoes, swimming clothes and some extra layers with you for a day in the tropical rainforest.

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Rise and shine!

Today you have another half day of wildlife watching waiting for you. After a delicious breakfast at the lodge, you'll start your last gamedrive in the beautiful park.

After lunch, you'll head back to Dar es Salaam. The wildlife watching is not completely over... Keep your eyes out for more wildlife on the way back, you might spot a giraffe waving you goodbye! After 5-6 hours driving, you'll arrive at your accommodation in Dar es Salaam.

If you plan on taking the ferry to Zanzibar or have your international flight back home, make sure to inform us with your time of departure so we can plan your return on time!

Some culture on the way back? Take a cultural tour and experience local life in the village. (optional for an extra cost).


Final price may vary due to group size, room configuration, child discount and availability in the lodges. 


small tent with mattress just outside the park

2 PAX: $544 pp
3 PAX: $431 pp
4 PAX: $375 pp
5 PAX: $342 pp
6 PAX: $319 pp
7 PAX: $303 pp


big tent with real beds and electricity just outside the park

2 PAX: $568 pp
3 PAX: $455 pp
4 PAX: $394 pp
5 PAX: $366 pp
6 PAX: $343 pp
7 PAX: $327 pp


room in mid-range lodge with swimmingpool just outside the park

2 PAX: $628 pp
3 PAX: $491 pp
4 PAX: $414 pp
5 PAX: $366 pp
6 PAX: $343 pp
7 PAX: $315 pp


room in budget lodge inside the park and 1 night in budget lodge close to Udzungwa

2 PAX: $579 pp
3 PAX: $474 pp
4 PAX: $428 pp
5 PAX: $383 pp
6 PAX: $363 pp
7 PAX: $348 pp


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