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from $365 per person

This safari is a short trip from Dar es Salaam. It's the most unique of the southern circuit. Just about a 6 hours drive away from the city and a great variety of wildlife and a huge river with many opportunities! You'll have 1 day of gamedriving and an unforgettable sunset boatsafari. An amazing safari experience awaits you here in the most lush national park with many rare wildlife sightings.

3-day Nyerere (Selous) safari: Tour pakketten


Between 6-8 AM, you will be picked up at your accommodation in the city. You'll start your journey to Nyerere National Park, which will take about 5-6 hours. If you haven't had breakfast yet, you can stop on the way to pick up some local breakfast snacks. You will stop on the way to the park for a local lunch.

Between 1-3 PM, you will arrive at the lodge in Nyerere National Park. You'll have some time to settle in and take in the amazing view of the Rufiji River. 

Around 4 PM, your sunset boatsafari will start. The boatsafari will be about 2-3 hours. You get the chance to explore the Rufiji river and all its beauty from uplcose. Many rare bird species can be found here on the river banks and hundreds of hippos will greet you along the way. Crocodiles are also often spotted and you might even see some big wildlife coming for a drink or a refreshing dip in the river. You will enjoy sunset from one of the small islands in the river. You will truly feel like you're in a dream!

Around 7 PM, you will arrive back at the lodge where you can enjoy the facilities, eat some delicious food, enjoy the nice views and sounds of the bush and get some rest to prepare yourself for another day full of adventure!


Rise and shine!

Today you have a whole day of wildlife watching waiting for you. After a delicious breakfast at the lodge, you'll start your day full of nature and wildlife.

Between 6-8 AM, you will head to the park. Your gamedrive will start right away! Not a morning person? No problem! You can decide the start and end time of your safari yourself.

Between 12-14 PM, you will have a picknick in the park. Enjoy a delicious lunch in the bush!

Around 5:30PM, you'll start your journey back to the lodge where you can get some rest after a busy day! Enjoy the dramatic sunset over the Rufiji river with the many animal sounds coming from the bush. Keep your eyes open when you're on your way to the lodge as wildlife can be frequently spotted in and around the lodge.

If you wish to end your gamedrive a little earlier to enjoy the lodge's facilities, that's possible! You decide yourself when you will start and end your safari.

Image by Sofia Zubiria
Image by Patricia Hokororo


Unfortunately, your Nyerere adventure is over.

Betweem 8-10AM you'll head back to Dar es Salaam. The wildlife watching is not completely over... Keep your eyes out for more wildlife on the way back, you might spot a giraffe waving you goodbye! After 5-6 hours driving, you'll arrive at your accommodation in Dar es Salaam.

If you plan on taking the ferry to Zanzibar or have your international flight back home, make sure to inform us with your time of departure so we can plan your return on time!

Some culture on the way back? Take a cultural tour and experience local life in the village. (optional for an extra cost).

Want to explore one of the hidden gems of Southern Tanzania? Continue to Kilwa for an amazing mix of history and beach. Explore the ruins on the island and enjoy the local tropical beaches where you will be just one of the very few tourists. Check out our “historical destinations” for more info about kilwa!

3-day Nyerere (Selous) safari: Tour pakketten


Final price may vary due to group size, room configuration, child discount and availability in the lodges. 


Small tent with mattress in budget lodge at the edge of the Rufiji River just outside the park

2 PAX: $621 pp
3 PAX: $493 pp
4 PAX: $437 pp
5 PAX: $403 pp
6 PAX: $381 pp
7 PAX: $365 pp


banda or luxury tent in budget lodge at the edge of the Rufiji River just outside the park

2 PAX: $729 pp
3 PAX: $625 pp
4 PAX: $545 pp
5 PAX: $526 pp
6 PAX: $489 pp
7 PAX: $483 pp

3-day Nyerere (Selous) safari: List


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