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Ismilla Stone Age Site is a unique and interesting archeological site. Many of Tanzanias archeological sites have been important in discovering more about the origin of mankind.



In the late 1950’s, archeologists found some of the most important stone age finds, mostly consisting out of tools between 60 000 and 100 000 years old. They also found many fossils here of various animals which evolved into the mammals we can find in Tanzania nowadays.

The site used to be a lake and was therefore the ideal place for hunting. The area eroded from a lake to a large canyon as seen nowadays. The erosion left thin rock towers reaching up to 30meters high.


You can start a tour to the Ismilla Stone Age Site from Iringa. Upon arrival at the site, you get some information in the little museum and continue to explore the site. The tour is a nice walk taking you through not only a very interesting but also beautiful area.

A tour here takes about 3 hours and is best done in the morning to avoid the burning sun. Combine it with an afternoon of exploring Iringa. ​


Ismilla Stone Age Site is best reached from Iringa and is a great excursion to combine with a stay in the city.  

Iringa to Ismilla Stone Age Site: 40min by car

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