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Bagamoyo is a small charming fishing town with a rich history in the slave trade and has a cool vibe. The old town is similar to Stone Town, but without all the tourists. Explore some of the hidden bars in the old Swahili buildings, explore the old ruins, visit the arts market and enjoy the local coastal life.


Bagamoyo used to be an important harbor city throughout history. Its harbor was important in the trade of Ivory in the 19th century and is one of the most important places in the history of slave trade.

Up to 1873, East-Africans were captured and taken to Bagamoyo by foot. Many didn’t make the months-long journey as it was a brutal journey. Those who made it all the way to Bagamoyo were brought to the big slave market in Zanzibar to be auctioned off.

Bagamoyo was the capital for a while during the German rule of East-Africa. This was only for about 10 years as the harbor wasn’t deep enough for the modern ships, so Dar es Salaam took over the title.


Bagamoyo is small, but has lots of things to do. Visit one of the beaches for a relaxing day or navigate through the old town and admire the Swahili style buildings, explore the hidden bars and visit a museum. Bagamoyo is mostly known today for its art academy. The academy is located in the old town and organises many cultural events. The arts market here is perfect for buying paintings and handcrafts from one of the talented artists. The ancient Kaole ruins are definitely worth a visit as well when going to Bagamoyo.


We highly recommend a stay in town in one of the beautiful buildings to fully experience everything Bagamoyo has to offer. Firefly Bagamoyo is a great place to stay and experience the town. Enjoy some great live music at night or check out the events at the art school with the talented artists.

If you prefer a day trip instead of a stay in Bagamoyo, you definitely can! You can reach Bagamoyo from Dar es Salaam in aboit 1,5hrs depending on your starting point. Leave in the morning and enjoy a full day exploring the beautiful, charming town.


Bagamoyo is best reached from Dar es Salaam and is easy to combine with Saadani National Park, Pangani, Tanga city or the Usambara Mountains.

Dar es Salaam to Bagamoyo: 1,5-2hrs by car

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